Monday, June 8, 2009

Down on the Farm

This Tutorial was written by Amy aka HerRoyalTagstress on June 8, 2009. It's concept is copyrighted to Amy aka HerRoyalTagstress. You may print this tutorial for you own personal use, but please do not copy it in anyway to put online, pass out, rewrite, or claim as your own.This was written using PSP 8 but will work in other versions.

Supplies Needed.
Down on the Farm Scrap Kit you can purchase it at Scraps by DMG

Open a blank canvas 600 X 600 Flood fill white.
Open the barn, resize 80% copy and paste to your blank canvas.
Open the Firewood image resize 85% copy and paste to your tag.
Open the cowboy Image Resize 65% copy and paste to your tag.
Open Flowers5 resize 25% copy and paste to your canvas, Duplicate 2 times for 3 total flowers. Position them to your liking. Move flower layer behind the firewood layer.
X out all layers except for the flowers. Merge Visible.
Open the grass image copy and paste to your image duplicate and arrange to your liking. I think I duplicated mine lots of times. Hide all layers except your grass layers and merge visible.
Open tree 2 copy and paste to your tag. Move below your barn layer.
Open paper 10 copy and paste to your tags. Move above the white background layer.
If you want to resize, now is the time to do so.
Add your name and the copyright information.

As always I would love to see your results.

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