Monday, May 26, 2008

Simple Name Tag

Mura's Meister Copies
A very Simple Tut

Open a 400X400 blank canvas. Flood fill with a color of your choice.

Grab your text tool make sure create as vector is checked. type out your name.

Objects, Align, center of canvas. Convert to Raster.

Still on your text layer, Effects Mura's Meister copies Use default setting for Tiling Angle

Grab your preset shape tool. Make sure that Create as vector is checked. Make a Medium sized rectangle (see my tag). Objects, align, center of canvas. Convert to a raster.

Get your text tool again, create as vector checked, and type your name in the box. Objects, align, center of canvas. convert to raster.

Merge all layers visable.

Image add border. I used the same color as my text. Use the following settings.

Pixles 6 symmetric checked.

I hope you all enjoyed my tut!
Would love to see your results. You may email them to me.

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